Improve patient outcomes, foster patient satisfaction with a RD who will work with you and your patient to unlock their healthy lifestyle.

Build effective team-based patient care. 

Tired of giving advice to your patients ... yet nothing changes? Do your patients need more support than you have time to provide?" 

As a physician, you are the trusted source for information, treatment, and guidance for your patients. However, as a doctor, your time is a premium. You recognize the important role nutrition and lifestyle changes play in the prevention and management of obesity and various chronic diseases - diabetes, hypertension, hyperlipidemia, heart failure, and gastrointestinal disorders to name a few. That said, in your patient encounters, you may only have time to make recommendations and outline a plan at the most,  but some of your patients need close support and assistance in actually implementing that plan.  Furthermore, you see patients struggling with implementing nutrition and lifestyle changes in your follow up appointments.

This is where, I , as a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN) step in. 

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As an expert in nutrition and behavior counseling, associated with your care team, I can help provide cost-effective, quality care that fosters patient and provider satisfaction while improving outcomes for patients with a wide variety of medical conditions. Research has shown that for every $1 invested in an RDN-led lifestyle modification program, there has been a nearly $15 return. Several studies have shown that medical nutrition therapy (MNT) provided by RDNs improves clinical outcomes, reduces costs related to PCP time, decreases medication usage, and reduces hospital admissions for individuals with obesity, diabetes, and other chronic diseases. The Lewin Group documented a 9.5% reduction in hospital utilization and a 23.5% reduction in PCP visits when MNT was provided by an RDN to individuals suffering from diabetes mellitus. Yet another evidence for MNT effectiveness demonstrates that multiple MNT sessions by an RDN are clinically effective and cost beneficial in patients with dyslipidemia and cardiometabolic risk factors.*

Are you frustrated that you don't have enough time to educate and support your patients more closely on healthy habits and behavior change? Are your patients frustrated because they need more hand-holding and accountability than you have time to give? 

I collaborate with your patients to craft their own unique lifestyle changes based on their medical conditions and help understand the care plan you created for them. I work closely with them, to implement and sustain behavior changes driving the complex lifestyle changes that are often required to make significant improvements in their health.

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Refer your patients

I have created a very simple referral system so you can quickly and easily get your patients the personalized support and accountability they need.  With a simple referral, your patients can get started with me right away, and you can have the confidence that they will get the support they deserve. 

We accept referrals on our fax line at 1 (877) 804-5235 

When referring a patient, please fax a copy of their most recent labs, their diagnosis with codes, and any notes that will help us provide optimum care.

*Sikand, Geeta, et al. "Clinical and cost benefits of medical nutrition therapy by registered dietitian nutritionists for management of dyslipidemia: a systematic review and meta-analysis." Journal of clinical lipidology 12.5 (2018): 1113-1122. 

*Jortberg BT, Fleming M. Registered dietitian nutritionists bring value to emerging health care delivery models. Medical Home News. 2015;7(3):1-2.

*Medical nutrition therapy (MNT) systematic review (2009). Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Evidence Analysis Library.

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