Corporate Well-Being Services
Improve Employee Productivity, Lower Insurance Premiums,
Reduce Employee Turnover and Improve Morale

From boardroom to family room, your audience will walk away happy and motivated to pursue their health goals.

Priya has had a successful corporate career for years and understands how crucial employee well-being is to the bottom line of companies.

There is no denying the fact that poor eating and lifestyle habits can be very costly to companies today. With the rapid rise in obesity, the rise in risk factors for chronic disease, raising health insurance claims and absenteeism, and hindering employee productivity; being unhealthy is a HUGE financial burden. Research supports that 50% of company profits today are being spent on healthcare costs*.

That’s where Priya comes in! 

Priya can customize education material and tailor her delivery style for just about any audience. Furthermore, studies show that for every $1 spent on employee wellness, $4 in cost savings is realized*! Interactive wellness programs have the potential to motivate employees and their families  to empower themselves with healthy lifestyle choices and focus on preventative services to reduce health risks such as diabetes, heart disease, and cancer. This is the most cost-effective way to reduce health care costs. 

Preventive care is the best, and cheapest, cure! Don’t let the cost of poor employee health habits fritter away at your profits. Be proactive–invest in preventive health care for your team today!

How We Help

We offer customized corporate wellness services, beginning with an assessment of your company’s wellness needs. We work with your on-site wellness staff or Human Resource professionals to create a plan specifically to meet your goals. Here are just a few ways we can help. 

Onsite Individual Employee Counseling

Designate one day a week as “WellBeing Day” — we can come to your office to meet one-on-one with interested employees for individual nutritional counseling. 

Group Challenges & Programs 

We help deliver group programs for your team to look forward to. Build knowledge around common health challenges, and empower your employees to implement & improve their wellbeing. 

“Lunch and Learn” Presentations

At your office, we share engaging presentations on a variety of health and wellness topics that leave attendees with practical, actionable steps for how to improve their health. 

Healthy eating and lifestyle tips/newsletter

We can offer health and nutrition tips via your company Intranet. These daily or weekly reminders help your personnel stay focused on their health and nutrition, providing a regular dose of motivation as well a useful advice. E.g.. maintain health weight, lower cholesterol, lower blood pressure, tips for healthy eating out and many more

Cooking class/demo

Let’s be real. Nobody likes straight up raw spinach. But perhaps, add into a 20-minute one pot pasta dish and now we’re talking! Through this dietitian-led cooking program, I’ll teach you how to transform these nutritious ingredients into delicious dishes so you can actually enjoy the foods that make you feel good - easy peasy recipes, <5 ingredients

Cafe Nutrition Evaluation

Is your cafeteria menu health supporting? If you are looking at improving your cafe's menu to promote health eating among your employees, we can help review and provide recommendations

Health Fair Vendor

If you’re putting on a health fair for your company, we can support your efforts to engage your employees and motivate them achieve and maintain optimal health through nutritionand lifestyle. 

Sustain Employee WellBeing Programs

Whether you’re just starting an employer wellbeing program or need to improve your existing program for greater effectiveness, we can help! We’ll listen to your goals, learn your challenges and aspirations, and help create & sustain an engaging program that will result in healthier, happier employees. 


Nutrition leon valley san antonio CrossFit Gym

"Priya combines her science-based nutrition knowledge, cultural sensitivity, organization skills, and personal attributes, and provides excellent service to my gym members"

Sheina McManus, CF-L2, NASM-CPT
Owner & Head Coach 
CrossFit Dagda

95% of the gym members are busy professionals and one of their nutrition needs is to be able to have quick wholesome meals prepared in the shortest time possible. 

Healthy eating nutrition program for the members in my gym, CFDagda 

During these past 3 years, Priya has developed nutrition educational materials for various community programs such as the Nutriprep program, Spooktacular sugar challenge, 7-day kick start program, 5 servings vegetable & fruit challenge, and the individualized healthy eating program for the members of the gym.  

I have found the educational materials of the community programs she delivers to be thorough, easy to understand, address behavior/habit-based nutrition changes, and cater to the needs of my gym members who come from diverse cultural backgrounds

I have had several members speak highly about the benefits of the programs she designs and delivers, as well as about her ability to coach them through their specific challenges. 

Priya conducted several cooking demonstrations providing members with examples of how easy and quick it can be to put a wholesome meal together in less than 10 minutes. She has contributed several blog posts for the gym’s website, notable is “Stay on track through the holidays” and “4 things that sabotage your energy”. She also contributes nutrition related social media posts as needed. She has conducted webinars on the topic of “Energizing your day” and “Healthy holidays” for the community. She has also successfully worked with me and other coaches in the gym in conducting a challenge benefitting the local Special Olympics San Antonio chapter and another one aiding the San Antonio Food Bank. 

Conquering Cancer Nutrition wellness

Joseé Battle

Programs Director

ThriveWell Cancer Foundation

Priya gives abundant, practical findings and insights with emphasis on how to develop a healthy way of life. She includes cutting-edge research that can drastically change the way one thinks. Priya inspires all she comes in contact with and is a great example of healthy living! 

Jaime Estrada, 

MD Founder and Board Chair 

AYA Foundation San Antonio

Dr. Priya Padmanabhan is a nutrition expert who has become a teacher and mentor for our young adults with cancer at our cancer survivor’s monthly meetings. She coaches a practical, holistic approach to living through a healthy diet and exercise designed to enhance the health and energy of cancer patients. We are excited to count on her delightful demeanor and kindness towards our young adults battling cancer as well as our survivors.

*Hart, Danielle, Glenn Paetow, and Rochelle Zarzar. "Does implementation of a corporate wellness initiative improve burnout?." Western Journal of Emergency Medicine 20.1 (2019): 138. 

Szrek, Helena, et al. "Messaging, monetary incentives, and participation in wellness programs." International Journal of Workplace Health Management (2019).

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