Steps to book your appointment

Looking for a Registered Dietitian in Texas who accepts insurance? You have come to the right spot!

You may be wondering right about now how does insurance work if you want to see a Registered Dietitian.

Will your insurance pick up the cost of your nutrition visit? Most health insurance companies DO cover nutritional counseling.  So in most instances you CAN use insurance for your nutrition visit. This is often the case EVEN if you don’t have an actual diagnosis BUT still want to come in for nutrition counseling for prevention of a disease.

Call your insurance and invest 5 minutes to know your coverage. The feeling of empowerment is real here! Start by calling the 800 number on the back of your insurance card and ASK to speak with a representative.

Please understand that your insurance policy is a contract between YOU and your insurance company. We do not check benefits for clients so it is your responsibility to know what your plan covers and what your portion of the cost is. You can find questions to ask in Step 1

The information below under Step 1 will walk you through the questions to ask to see if your insurance will cover the cost of nutrition counseling for your visit. Feel in charge of your coverage by following the simple script and instructions under Step 1. You will find SUMMARY of questions to ask under Step 1

Once again YOU (not us!) need to do this BEFORE scheduling your visit. We don’t like surprises and assume you don’t either (especially the owe-us-money surprises).  We REQUIRE all patients to verify their Medical Nutrition Therapy Benefits prior to scheduling their visit. 

Step 1 - 📞 CALL your insurance to verify and confirm our nutrition counseling coverage. Questions to ask the insurance company:

Please note it is the patient’s responsibility to call their insurance company PRIOR to your visit to confirm coverage. We just don’t want our patients to have ANY surprise bills.  Here are the questions to ask:

Summary of questions to ask to verify your nutrition benefits

"I am calling to check on my Nutrition counselling benefits, my provider's NPI is 1902519309", then ask the following. and note down the representative's answer

If you have any questions after verifying your benefits we are happy to help. Please email You will receive a response within 48 business hours. Please do not include any personal health information in your email.

Step 2 - 📅CLICK the button below to set up your appointment

Click the link below to set up your Healthie account, fill the required forms, and set up your appointment time. I use Healthie, an online portal, as an easy and safe way to support our work together.

Please set up your account so that we can stay in touch with each other in between our sessions. You’ll be able to complete forms, message me, schedule sessions, and coordinate payment.

We can also use Healthie to meet virtually depending on your convenience. You’ll have your own login to connect with me over the course of our work together.

As you step through the process to set up your initial appointment, please take 10 minutes to read, understand, and complete the forms. I value your time and effort here so that I am prepared to provide you with the best service I can. 

If your insurance does not cover RD services/nutrition counseling or if you want to pay for my services out of pocket, please click the button below to book your appointment. I am here to support your journey in any way I can

What can I expect at my FIRST visit? 

During your first 60-90 minutes appointment, I will perform an initial assessment that considers the following factors:

During the assessment, you and I will work to determine the best methods for making lifestyle improvements that are appropriate for you, given your condition, goals, and routine. This comprehensive assessment will include an evaluation of your current eating pattern. We will discuss what you are already doing right, and suggest improvements. I will also provide effective strategies on meal planning and guide you to make simple modifications in a way that works for you.

What can I expect from my FOLLOW-UP appointments?

Follow-up visits are essential in order to truly instill and maintain healthy lifestyle habits. Barriers and obstacles to implementing the lifestyle and eating pattern improvements are part of the process, normal, and is expected. As your ally, during the 30 minutes follow-up counseling sessions we will evaluate your progress, discuss and understand your barriers, and make necessary adjustments to your plan so that you are continuing to make progress. I am your ally in your journey to finding lasting health and follow up sessions are the way to make sure I am walking side-by-side with you as you are mastering your health.