Registered Dietitian based in San Antonio, TX to support  you - Eat, Sleep, and Move Better 

Navigate the path to wellness with an ally who will work with you and help you unlock your lasting health. 

Hi, I’m Priya

I am a systems-driven and result-oriented Registered Dietitian with the unique ability to handhold you to finding your best health.

I help women and men who are  at risk or diagnosed with various chronic diseases connect the dots between knowing and integrating evidence-based lifestyle practices in your lives so that you can alleviate and manage symptoms.

I work with you to craft your own DOABLE unique sustainable lifestyle - eat smarter, move better, and create the right mindset so you can alleviate symptoms, feel energized, calm, and balanced in your lives.

Connect the dots between Lifestyle RX prescription of your doctor  and  IMPLEMENTING  that RX in your daily lives

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Want to unlock your best health?

Keys to Success
Three ingredients working together to build your path to best health

Registered Dietitian Nutritionist Health Coach San Antonio

1 Coaching

Transforming your unique healthy lifestyle is more than just plugging numbers in a calculator. That is why you have me to connect with, support, guide, and help personalize your journey for your individual needs and priorities

Registered Dietitian Nutritionist Health Coach Practice San Antonio

2 Daily Practice

Instead of the all-or-nothing approach, I use a sustainable practice-based approach to build healthy habits into your life, one day at a time, one practice at a time,  so that you get results that last.

Health a bit habit Registered Dietitian Nutritionist Health Knowledge San Antonio

3 Knowledge

Knowledge is power. That is why you will have 24/7 access to latest research-based information you need to reach your goals along with access to your coach, that is me.

What patients are saying... 

Nurse Mom Health Journey

 Lizette Hernandez  - Nurse and mom 

Lindsay Miller Mom Entrepreneur Health Journey

Lindsay Miller  - A health conscious mom & entrepreneur

Elementary School Teacher in purity of healthy life style

Maria Flores  - Elementary School Teacher's The Pursuit of a Healthy Lifestyle

In pursuing a healthy lifestyle, Priya has been instrumental in guiding me through this ongoing journey. Her coaching sessions have helped me stay on the path for improved nutrition, physical fitness, and positive mental health goals. 

As unforeseen issues have thrown me off course, Priya has been able to help me pivot and make necessary adjustments. One of my favorite activities includes the “challenges” she arranges for all of us! These tasks help build healthy habits in a challenging yet fun filled format! 

I hope you will be able to join “Team Priya” with the rest of us!

Violin Teacher in Health Wellness Pregnancy

Aimee Lopez - Violin teacher & mom

“When I became pregnant, one of my questions as I prepared for motherhood was how I would be able to keep our family (myself, husband, stepson and little one) fed with healthy options, as well as keep my busy work schedule, with as little added stress as possible so I can be present for them. Priya was SO encouraging to me that it was not only possible, but it could be fun and empowering!

My biggest challenge was the planning! Before doing this, I would shop with only one meal in mind.

After the working with her for 12 weeks, I feel healthy, satisfied and more empowered that I can do this mom thing!

The biggest thing I want everyone to know is that it IS possible to plan and cook a week’s worth of meals in just a couple of hours.

This was really a gift for my family.”

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